"Concerning the oxidation occurring in the feeds during storage [62] showed that ascorbic acid could protect vitamin E from oxidation in the diet for hybrid tilapia. Also for the nutritional status of the animals the dietary added antioxidants are of impor‐ tance. [63] was able to increase the survival of juvenile angelfish (Pterophylum scalare) with a combination of supplemented tocopherol and ascorbic acid in comparison to only tocopherol in the feed. Low dietary vitamin C content has shown to increase require‐ ment of vitamin E in juvenile salmon [64], suggesting that the deficiency of one antioxi‐ dant will lead to the increased use of the available ones. However, bioavailability, efficiency and interactions with other substances might vary between different species as summarized by [63]."

Oxidation and Antioxidants in Fish and Meat from Farm to Fork
Sabine Sampels


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