Jack Wattley's formula

Selenized Wattley's Formula
(use instead of Gordon's formula)

Frozen raw Beef heart, salmon and krill used by US discus breeder Jack Wattley.

1 beef heart 2.5 pounds+, with fat
2 pounds Of fresh Salmon
10 ounces of Spinach
8 cloves of Garlic
6 ounces of Krill Meal
6 Multivitamins
6 selenium pills
Soak vitamins in enough water to cover them or grind in a mortar.

De-fat the heart, grind in a grinder.

Grind the salmon.

Transfer to food processor, add krill, mix until a firm paste.

Put into freezer bags, flat.

Break a piece off when frozen and put it in the tank.

Does not keep in the fridge, use frozen.

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