Breeding Killies

Peat spawners

How to beat the peat spawning killies with their long incubation period.

Jordanae floridae

AMERICAN FLAG FISH _Jordanae floridae_ by L. & M. Bellino BAP Report, YATFS

Reprinted with permission from The Youngstown Aquarist, publication of the Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society, February 1989, p. 6.

More flags

Another article about breeding American flag fish.

Breeding to improve your killies

A summary of Al Mikkelsons article from the April 1973 Killi Notes on outcrossing.

Musings on the genetics of small populations of killifish

DebUnix has a good article on potentially dangerous genetics in killifish in small populations.

Mop, or plant spawning killies

How to breed the plant spawners whose eggs typically take 2 weeks to hatch,


Breeding Setups

There are a number of ways to breed and raise killifish.

Comparison between the size of Austrolebias eggs. A. monstrosus, A. elongatus, A. wolterstorffi, A. bellottii

lethal: Musings on the genetics of small populations of killifish

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