Killifish Articles by Richard J. Sexton
Killifish Articles

by Richard J. Sexton


Why it's Adamans and not the F-Word.

There's a fish from the Congo where the genus is named Adamans. It used to be called "Adamas" but that was in prior use by a moth and changed to "Adamans" which some guy in Turkey rudely changed to his favorite soccer star whose name stats with a F and that nobody that can remember or spell and that also tells you zero about the fish unlike Adamas/Adamans

You'd almost think with this level of foolishness they were talking about domain names, but no. People are just funny about names. This has actually been a wide scale controversy in taxonomy when the ruling body, the ICZN changed some rules and did the wrong thing here because they don't understand the Internet. Gosh, that almost never happens.


Community tank and beginners killifish

There's a lot of them! More than you might think.


It's bualanum
not "elberti"


The Killifish Community Tank

Many if not the vast majority of works written on this topic seem to state you can not keep these fish in a tank with other fish or even other killies. Within reason and allowing for large predators this is not actually true.

Killifish are mostly even tempered and do fine with most fish that can't eat them and that they in turn can not eat. That being said the maxim "safe with any fish the can not eat", while quite literally true, does not give any hint to just how large their mouth is; these are not like other fish in that sense.

Species of endangered killifish


The Epiplays paradox

Epiplatys and Aplocheilus were names for the same thing in Scheel's eyes. Parenti gave some recognition to this idea. So what is the reason Epiplatys are Aplocheilus-like when all other killies in that part of the family tree looked like Roloffia, Aphyosemion or Fundulopanchax? What's so different about Aplocheilus or Epiplatys?


The Gularopanchax Conundrum



A. (R.) batesii, kunzi and splendidum are different species.


What do those red lines mean?


About the name "Roloffia"

Yes. They are.

Killifish can be an excellent choice for the enthusiastic aquarist. Here are a few reasons why.

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