1965 - The Illustrated Scheel letters

The Illustrated Scheel Letters - 1965

The "Scheel letters" are letters about killifish written in the early 1960's by Col. Jorgen J. Scheel and sent to people interested in them for scientific and/or aquaristic sake. These predate - just - the first killi club or any sort national killifish organization; these letters have been preserved by killifans for forty years until Alan Semit and Bill Edwards of the Arizona Rivulin Keepers became responsible for their conversion for display on the web. Photos are courtesy of Morten Scheel, JJS's grandson.

LETTER NO 48 : Epiplatys grahami

West African Rivulins: Epiplatys grahami (Boulenger); Draft (Aquarium Journal)

LETTER NO 49 : Epiplatys dageti and Epiplatys chaperi

West African Rivulins: Epiplatys dageti and Epiplatys chaperi; Draft (Aquarium Journal)

LETTER NO 50 : Epiplatys sheljuzhkoi

West African Rivulins: Epiplatys sheljuzhkoi Poll 1953; Draft (Aquarium Journal)

LETTER NO 51 : Killie Letter 10 from June 1965

Introduction of the three letter species codes.

LETTER NO 52 : Identification of West African Rivulins

LETTER NO 53 Crossings Part 1

LETTER NO 54 Crossings Part 2

LETTER NO 55 Crossings Part 3

LETTER NO 56 Crossings Part 4

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