1960 - The Illustrated Scheel Letters
The Illustrated Scheel Letters - 1960

The "Scheel letters" are letters about killifish written in the early 1960's by Col. Jorgen J. Scheel and sent to people interested in them for scientific and/or aquaristic sake. These predate - just - the first killi club or any sort national killifish organization; these letters have been preserved by killifans for forty years until Alan Semit and Bill Edwards of the Arizona Rivulin Keepers became responsible for their conversion for display on the web. Photos are courtesy of Morten Scheel, JJS's grandson.

: Oryzias javanicus

Brief description of the care and breeding of Oryzias javanicus (thought then to be a killifish, Parenti reclassified them and they no longer are) and an article on water chemistry and hardness.

: Egg development statistics

Some statistice on egg incubation times of the (few) killies that were kept in 1960. Note the SJO referred to here is known as OCC today.

: Recent crosses

Results of about a dozen or so crosses Scheel made.

: Information on Peat (or Breeding Annual Killies on Peat)

About "annual" killi eggs, how to breed using peat; how to separate and store eggs.

: The Genus Epiplatys

Very comprehensive article on the genus Epiplatys.

: Egg Shipments 1959

: The subfamily Rivulinae

: News about Killies

: How long do you dry eggs?

: The Genus Procatopus

: Egg Development in Aphyosemion sjoestedti (continued)

: Crossings

: Storing eggs of Cynolebias nigripinnis in mud

: The Genus Rivulus

: The Toothcarps and Higher Units

: From letters received

: Plants for Rainforest Tanks

: The Temporary Hardness of Aquarium Water

: Collaboration with H. Stenholt Clausen

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