Killifish statistics
Total Synonyms Nomem Oblitum Nomem Preoc Nomem Vanum Nomem Nudem Invalid Valid Today (1996)
1047 314 7 10 3 35 2 676


Who described all these species?

Here is a list of all the people who have defined killifish taxa, how many species they described and how many of them are considered still valid at the present time.

Aphyosemion gardneri

The easiest killies

This is rather subjective and by no means will you have guarenteed instant success with the killifish on this list, but for the most part these are the killies that most people find the easiest to maintain and reproduce.

Procatopus gracilis

Frequency of names

Some species names show up more than once, and while the name of the genus must be unique, the species name need not be so. Here you'll find a list of the more commonly used species name.

Aphyosemion splendidum (real tough)

The hardest killies

The same applies here, while by no means will you find all the killies here near impossible to keep or breed, these species tend to give even the most advanced hobbyist fits and while maintaining them is not particularly difficult in most cases, breeding them, at all, or in numbers more than a handfull represents rather a challenge, to say the least.

In some cases, this may be a function of time; Psudoepiplatys annulatus was once regarded by very accomplished hobbyists as a very difficult species, yet there are people today who breed them by the hundreds.

Aphyosemion occidentale

Historical statistics

Here you'll find various tidbits of information regarding the history of killifish taxonomy, such as when species were described and what the earliest and most recent taxa are.

Nothobranchius furzeri

Species with the longest incubation times

Here you'll find a list of the species, in order, that have the longest egg incubation times.


Number of populations of killifish genera

Part of the reason killifish taxonomy is such a mess is due to the fact they are so polymorphic; there are species and subspecies of killies and in turn, different populations of these. Sometimes diferent populations look very similar, sometimes they are so different they have frequently been mistaken for other species.

Here you'll find a complete listing of the number of known populations to date of all killifish general. In reality there are actually more thanis indicated here due to commercial imports, but since it is impossible to determine the origin of these, they cannot be included here.

Epiplatys infrafasciatus

Median size of killifish genra

Here you'll find a table of the minimum, median and maximum size of all the known genera of killifish.

Nothobranchius kirki

Listing of species

Here you'll find various lists of species broken down by various orderings.

All information here is Courtesy of J.H. Huber: Killi-Data 1996: Société française d'Ichtyologie, M.N.H.N., Paris, France.

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