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infoweb 05 -  Announcement of website infoweb 08 -  33 challenges in killi taxonomy infoweb 10 -  Aphyosemion, split or not
infoweb 11 -  Costa's Catalog of aplocheiloids infoweb 12 -  Within a biogeographical review of Cynolebias et al.,   Simpsonichthys is revised and split by Costa infoweb 13 -  Rivulus revised and proposed split, still temporary infoweb 14 -  A major review of Fundulus and allied genera, with a lumping taste infoweb 15 -  A major symposium focused on the hermaphroditic Killifish Kryptolebias marmoratus infoweb 16 -  Aphyosemion revised and not split, with 2 new subgenera, Scheelsemion and Iconisemion infoweb 17 -  The first complete molecular analysis of Nothobranchius reshuffles its phylogeny infoweb 18 -  Aphanius and the new discoveries in Iran, spurred from Germany with a dynamic Iranian team

The Infoweb series

Occasional papers by Huber.

Current as of 2008

Family/Genus names as of 2008

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Huber's Introduction to the Killifish

Killifish species as of 2000

A Christmas present from Jean! This is a letter he sent out Christmas night informing the killi community of the latest (and fairly significant) name changes.

Killifish species as of 2005

stats describers - Zah Who described all these species? stats easy - Aphyosemion gardneri  The easiest killies stats frequency - Procatopus gracilis Frequency of names
stats hard - Aphyosemion splendidum (real tough) The hardest killies stats history - Aphyosemion occidentale Historical statistics stats incubation - Nothobranchius furzeri Species with the longest incubation times stats populations -  Number of populations of killifish genera stats size - Epiplatys infrafasciatus  Median size of killifish genra stats species - Nothobranchius kirki Listing of species

Killifish taxonomy Statistics

tissues 01 - Rivulus (Anablepsoides) urophthalmus Rivulus micropus tissues 02 - Pterolebias zonatus tissues 03 - Fundulopanchax spoorenbergi F. spoorenbergi tissues 04 - Pachypanchax omalonotus P. nuchimaculatus tissues 05 - Aphyosemion (Mes.) cameronense tissues 06 - Austrolebias wolterstorffi schreitmuelleri : Megalebias, Austrolebias
tissues 07 - Cynolebias perforatus Cynolebias porosus tissues 08 - Aphanius dispar dispar Laciris pelagica, Aphanius apodus tissues 09 - Pantanodon stuhlmanni Pantanodon madagascariensis, Millerichthys robustus tissues 10 - Rivulus ornatus Rivulus: obscurus, ornatus tissues 11 - It's bualanum not elberti Aphyosemion bualanum tissues 12 - Aphyosemion (Mes.) striatum A. escherichi/microphtalmum tissues 13 - SJO deltaensis, gularis, fallax, kribianus, schwoiseri tissues 14 - Fundulopanchax walkeri Purzl Loc 9 Fundulopanchax: walkeri, spurrelli tissues 15 - Fundulopanchax powelli Fundulopanchax powelli tissues 16 - Epiplatys bifasciatus Epiplatys bifasciatus/spilargyreius tissues 17 - Epiplatys barmoiensis Epiplatys lokoensis tissues 18 - Nothobranchius orthonotus N. orthonotus tissues 19 - Poropanchax normani Poropanchax normani tissues 20 - Rivulus holmiae Rivulus: holmiae, lanceolatus tissues 21 - Aphyosemion elegans Aphyosemion: elegans, decorsei tissues 22 - Aphyosemion: splendidum splendidum, batesii, kunzi tissues 23 - Hylopanchax stictopleuron Hylopanchax: silvestris, stictopleuron tissues 24 - Epiplatys: nigricans,chevalieri Epiplatys: nigricans,chevalieri tissues 25 - Epiplatys multifasciatus A. ferranti, A. lujae, E. multifasciatus tissues 26 - Pterolebias longipinnis tissues 27 - Scriptaphyosemion liberiense tissues 28 - Cynopanchax bukobanus L. atripinna, bukobanus tissues 29 - Fundulus kansae zebrinus Fundulus kansae and zebrinus tissues 30 - Aphyosemion exiguum tissues 31 - PAN from tissues 32 - Orestias luteus Orestias tissues 33 - Fundulus nevadensis missing

Taxonomy issues

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