Articles by Tyrone Genade
Articles by Tyrone Genade



Taxonomy within Aphysomion - trends and directions, circa 2004.


Chromaphyosemion by any other name

An argument for the use of Chromaphyosemion as a full genus name.

Desktop tank rack

Outline of a small permanent setup utilizing a number of small aquaria with e common filtration system.

A low cost and adaptable benchtop recirculating aquarium system for Nothobranchius fish

A recirculating aquarium system is described that can be set up on a laboratory bench. This system is adaptable to the needs of the researcher and can be up- or down-scaled as needed. It occupies little space. The system can be assembled at low cost by the researcher. It has been proven suitable for raising and spawning Nothobranchius for experimental purposes. Fry care and spawning are described in the context of the system. Disease and water quality management strategies are also discussed.

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