Articles by Glenn Collier
Articles by Glenn Collier

A Molecular Phylogeny for Aplocheiloid Fishes

"A Molecular Phylogeny for Aplocheiloid Fishes (Atherinomorpha, Cyprinodontiformes): The Role of Vicariance and the Origins of Annualism"

William J. Murphy and Glen E. Collier
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Tulsa

Aphyosemion and Fundulopanchax

Phylogenetic Relationships of African Killifishes in the Genera Aphyosemion and Fundulopanchax Inferred from Mitochondrial DNA Sequences.

"The African genera show by far the greatest karyological variability—the most striking case found within the genus Aphyosemion (Scheel, 1990). Of the eight defined species groups, three (bivittatum, calliurum, and elegans) contain taxa with karyotypes ranging from n 5 18 to n 5 9 or 10 (Fig. 4). The remaining species groups show much less variability in chromosome number and morphology. One of the more notable findings from this study is that the species groups showing reduced karyotypes are not phylogenetically restricted. Rather, this propensity toward reduced karyotypes has occurred multiple times in Aphyosemion. A similar extreme reduction in haploid number has occurred in Nothobranchius rachovii (n = 9/18 arms; Scheel, 1972, 1990). This trend is particularly striking because the populations having n = 9 to 10 in Aphyosemion (14) outnumber all other nonaplocheiloid teleosts having such reduced chromosome numbers: the bristlemouth Gonostoma bathyphilum (Gonostomatidae), n = 6; the gouramie Sphaerichthys osphromonoides (Belontiidae), n = 8; (Sola et al., 1981).

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