Apyhosemion ahli "ADGP 11/07"

Aphyosemion ahli "ADL 11/07" Ebodie

03.01.11 11h55
N2 35.468 E9 50.908

Tiny stream flowing out of the forest, 5-6 miles away from Ebodie. Water depth about 4 inches. 25.9C, pH 5.06, 6S

Sympatric with:

    Epiplatys sp.
    Chrom. splendopleure
    Bienitochromis sp.

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Apyhosemion ahli "ADGP 11/17"

Aphyosemion ahli "ADL 11/17" Bidou-Sanctuaire


05.01.11 14h15
N3 01.723 E10 06.473

Further in the village of Bidou I, small forest brook with still water.
26.4C, pH4.8,6S

Sympatric with:

    Chrom. loennbergii
    A. ahli

More from the collector here: http://stofmania.free.fr/index.php?n=Cameroon.ADGP-11-17


Aphyosemion ahli "ADL 11/22" Poutloloma

06.01.11 14h00
N3 52.528 E10 09.026

Three springs merging into one small brook inside the forest.

    27.2 - 26.6 - 26.5
    pH5.35 6.15 5.95
    10 7 8 S

Sympatric with

    A. franzwerneri
    A. ahli
    Chrom. riggenbachi
    Epiplatys sp.

More from the collector here: http://stofmania.free.fr/index.php?n=Cameroon.ADGP-11-22

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